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Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services/Child Support Enforcement will continue providing service to customers via on-line and telephone.

The Child Support office lobbies are closed to customers and visitors to practice social distancing methods during this corona virus pandemic crisis. Keeping our staff and customers safe and healthy is high priority; however, staff will be available to continue to provide services to our customers by working remotely on-line and on the telephone.

Staff will be available to assure that payments are posted and distributed.
In order to distribute those payments timely, we are asking and encouraging non-custodial parents and employers, not currently set up for electronic fund transfers, to make payments electronically. Payments can be made on-line or by phone:
• Expert Pay for both employers and obligors using a bank account, no convenience fee
• Pay by phone ExpertPay 1-866-645-6347 using a bank account, no convenience fee
• Pay by cash using MoneyGram using a bank account, there is a convenience fee
• Pay by web 1-800-926-9400, using a credit card, there is a convenience fee
• Pay by phone E-childspay 1-866-645-6348 using a credit card, there is a convenience fee
• Pay by web 1-866-65-6348- using a credit card, there is a convenience fee

We are concerned and understand the impact that this pandemic crisis have on both the custodial and non-custodial parents who pay and receive support, please know that we are committed to offer quality service to Louisiana Families.

For more information visit our website: or call us at 1-888-524-3578.

Reporting new hires online has many benefits:

*Fast and secure online entry or upload

*Reports are more accurate, reducing the need to resend reports later

*It's FREE! No more paper, postage or other material costs!

Thank you!


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