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Electronic Reporting

View/Print Electronic File Submission Layout

Reporting new hires electronically benefits employers in a number of ways:

  • Saves on paper, processing time, and postage.
  • Reduces the likelihood of errors.
  • Helps to avoid rejected records because of unreadable or missing information.
  • Qualifies Multistate employers for "Multistate" new hire reporting.
  • Allows employers with many work sites to centralize their new hire reporting.

There are two ways employers can report electronically:

  1. Online reporting - Employers can use our web site to report their new hires online. Confirmations of reports received are provided each time an employer reports using this feature. Click here to register for online reporting.

  2. Electronic reporting - Employers can export their new hire information from their payroll or human resources software into a file that meets our layout specifications. Most software manufacturers provide technical support, and some software manufacturers have recently added electronic new hire reporting options to their latest upgrades.

Please contact your payroll or human resources software manufacturers for electronic new hire reporting availability, or click here for our file submission layout to create your own file. You will only need our file submission layout if you find that your HR or Payroll software is not already set up to automatically create electronic new hire reports.

Payroll companies also provide employers with automatic electronic new hire reporting as an extra service. If you have questions regarding this service, please contact your payroll service company directly.

How to Send us a File

Alternatively, you can submit your new hire data file using one of the methods listed below. 

  • Secure Web transfer through this web site; click here to register. 
  • SSL File Transfer Protocol using your existing Internet connection. Click here to view instructions.  
  • 3.5" IBM formatted diskette sent to our mailing address.
  • Reel tape or cartridges, 9-track reel, or 36-track cartridge (3480/3490), sent to our mailing address.


Our goal is to make reporting your new hires as easy as possible. If you have any questions about electronic reporting or require technical assistance, please contact us.

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