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Electronic Reporting Specifications

This is the submission requirements for those employers who wish to report new hires electronically. Employers who have any questions about reporting electronically should contact Technical Support Staff at New Hire Operations Center at (888) 715-2280.

3 1/2” Diskette: The diskettes must conform to the format specifications listed in the Data Record Layout below. The diskettes must be non-compressed and in ASCII fixed length format. Do not enclose fields in quotes or use comma delimiters. An external label must be affixed to the diskette indicating the employer’s name, federal EIN, contact name and phone.

Magnetic Tape: The tape must conform to the specifications listed in the Data Record layout below and the following Header requirements. Magnetic tapes must be 9 track, 1,600 or 6250 bpi, IBM Standard label, EBCDIC. Block size must be 9,000. Acceptable media are Reel tapes or 3480/3490 cartridges. An external label indicating the employer’s name, contact name, and phone is required.

Data Record Layout (Electronic Upload, Magnetic Tape and 3 1/2” diskette) Click here for a printable PDF version.

Logical Record Length = 450

FieldTypeLengthStart PositionEnd PositionOpt'l/Req'dComments
Employee’s First Name*Character16116Required 
Employee’s Middle InitialCharacter11717Optional 
Employee’s Last Name*Character251842RequiredAllow a hyphen
Employee’s Street Address Line 1*Character354377Required 
Employee’s Street Address Line 2Character3578112Optional 
Employee’s City*Character20113132Required 
Employee’s State*Character2133134RequiredValid 2 letter FIPS abbr. (e.g. TN)
Employee’s Zip*Number5135139RequiredAll zeros will be rejected
Employee’s Zip +4Number4140143Optional 
Employee’s Social Security Number* Number9144152RequiredNo hyphens
Employer’s Name*Character40153192Required 
Employer’s Street Address Line 1*Character35193227Required 
Employer’s Street Address Line 2Character35228262Optional 
Employer’s City*Character20263282Required 
Employer’s State*Character2283284RequiredValid 2 letter FIPS abbr. (e.g. TN)
Employer’s Zip*Number5285289RequiredAll zeros will be rejected
Employer’s Zip +4Number4290293Optional 
Employer’s FEIN*Number9294302RequiredNo hyphens
Employer’s Payroll Address 1Character35303337OptionalAddress where employee’s check is processed
Employer’s Payroll Address 2Character35338372Optional 
Employer’s Payroll CityCharacter20373392Optional 
Employer’s Payroll StateCharacter2393394Optional 
Employer’s Payroll Zip CodeNumber5395399Optional 
Employee’s Hire Date*Number8400407RequiredCCYYMMDD
Left Your Employment During PeriodCharacter1408408OptionalY=Yes, N=No
Employee’s Birth DateNumber8409416OptionalCCYYMMDD
Employee’s GenderCharacter1417417Optional 
Employee’s Work StateCharacter2418419OptionalValid 2 letter FIPS abbr. (e.g. TN)
Earned Income Tax Credit IndicatorCharacter1420420OptionalY=Yes, N=No
Medical Insurance AvailableCharacter1421421OptionalY=Yes, N=No
Outlet or Store NumberCharacter29422450Optional 

*Field Names in bold denote required fields.
Note: All fields are in upper case alphanumeric format – left justified with trailing spaces. Missing non-required fields should contain all spaces.

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