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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is new hire reporting and what is done with the information?

Why have a National Directory of New Hires?

Isn't this information currently available through quarterly wage reporting?

How do employers benefit from new hire reporting?

How soon must I submit a report after hiring someone?

What information must be reported and what form should I use to send in my new hire reports?

Where do I send my new hire information?

How do I contact the Tennessee New Hire Reporting program?

How do I get access to the new hire reporting web site to report my new hires?

Do I still need to mail W-4's if I report my new hires via the Internet?

What should I do if I've been in violation of this law and was not aware until now?

What is the definition of an employer?

Who must I report?

What is the definition of a newly hired employee?

What is the "date of hire" considered to be?

Must I report temporary or seasonal workers?

Must I report employees returning from maternity, family or other leave of absence?

Do I need to submit a new hire report for independent contractors and subcontractors performing services for me?

As a temporary employment agency, must we report as a new hire each individual placed by our agency?

We do not officially hire employees until after the three month probationary period has been completed, even though they are on the payroll. When do they count as new hires?

Can you provide me with additional W-4 forms?

I have no employees who pay child support. Why must I report them?

Must I report part-time employees?

Is there a fine for not reporting new hire information.


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