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Contact Us

Tennessee New Hire Reporting
P.O. Box 281348
Nashville, TN  37228

(888) 715-2280
(615) 884-2828

(877) 505-4761


Child Support Notice:

*The Tennessee New Hire Reporting does not have access to specific child support information, and does not have the ability to answer questions directly related to child support.

Visit our Employer Resource Center page to find information on local, state, and federal child support agencies.


Electronic reporting is the fastest, easiest way to report. Here’s why:

Saves paper, processing time and postage
Reporting available over a secure website
Reduces the likelihood of human errors and helps to avoid rejected records because of illegible or missing information
Allows employers with many work sites to centralize their new hire reporting to one state
And best of all, employers receive immediate confirmation of the successful submittal of their new hire reports

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