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New Hire Reporting Software

Employers with access to the internet and light to moderate new hire volumes may find it easier to report their new hires directly over the Web. Click here to begin Web Reporting.

Or you may select to utilize the new hire software. The following is an overview of how the software works after it is downloaded and installed. To make a new hire report with the software, the user must:

  • Enter their company information.
  • Enter their new employee information.
  • Write a file (this means saving the records just entered).
  • Transfer the file to the North Carolina State Directory of New Hires using a modem and communication software or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

To use the New Hire software, your computer must have the following:

Processor: 486 or above
Memory: 8 MB or more
Operating System: Windows 98 or later
Disk Space: about 2 megabytes, depending on the number of employees

Ready to download the New Hire Software (17Mb)? Click here.

Installing the Program

1. In Windows Explorer double click on the file called North Carolina New Hire Entry.msi. You'll find this file wherever you directed your browser to store it during the download.

2. The program will by default install itself to c:\program files\psi\NCNH, but you can designate your own directory if you prefer.

3.After 30-60 seconds, a message will confirm that the installation was successful. It will place an icon on your desktop called NC Newhire

You're ready to run the application!

For specific instructions on using the New Hire Entry application, see the "User's Guide", an Acrobat PDF document in your install directory.

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