Third-Party Payroll
Reporting on behalf of other companies

Payroll service providers must contact us prior to submitting new hires for their clients. The process for registration and submitting new hires is different for third-party payroll providers.

You are considered a third-party payroll provider if you are any of the following:

  • Certified Public Accountant CPA
  • Payroll Processing Company
  • Service Bureau

Reporting new hires for more than one company or FEIN
The file layout requires company information to be provided for each employee reported. This allows the layout to contain an unlimited number of different companies or FEINs.

Ensuring that all new hires and re-hires are reported
It is common for new hires and re-hires to begin working with a company before they are actually added to the Payroll or Human Resources computer systems. Because of delays, someone that is hired or re-hired may not get reported if the delay is long enough that the new hire report is created before their information is input into the appropriate systems.

Companies with operations in more than one location
Employers with one or more subsidiary, location, or branch can save time and resources by consolidating new hire reporting into one central location. If possible, centralization of new hire reporting at the corporate office is recommended, using the multistate reporting method if applicable. This method reduces the collective time spent on complying with the new hire reporting requirements and shifts the responsibility from the remote branches to the corporate office where reporting can be ensured.

MAXIMUS operates the Maryland State Directory of New Hires under contract with the Maryland Department of Human Services and the Maryland Child Support Administration
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