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Arkansas Directory of New Hires
Electronic Reporting Specifications

This file layout has been created for employers who have the ability to export new hire data from their existing payroll or human resources software. If you have any questions, or need further assistance with reporting electronically, please contact our Center at the numbers at the end of this document.

Please see the end of this document for a listing of the methods you can choose from for sending your company’s new hire data in the format shown below.

Regardless of transmission method or media type, the following file submission layout must be used.

AR Employer File Submission Layout - Create file using FIXED-WIDTH ASCII TEXT FORMAT.

FieldTypeLengthStart PositionEnd PositionOpt'l/Req'dComments
Record IdentifierChar17117RequiredThe following text: "AR Newhire Record". Case does not matter.
Format Version NumberChar41821RequiredThe following text: "1.00".

Employee Information

FieldTypeLengthStart PositionEnd PositionOpt'l/Req'dComments
Employee First NameChar162237RequiredAt least one character, no special characters
Employee Middle NameChar163853OptionalIf non-blank must be at least one character, no special characters
Employee Last NameChar305483RequiredAt least one character, no special characters except hyphen
Employee SSN#Numeric98492RequiredAs reported by employee
Employee Address Line 1Char4093132RequiredAt least two characters, left justify
Employee Address Line 2Char40133172OptionalEmployee address line 2
Employee Address Line 3Char40173212OptionalEmployee address line 3
Employee CityChar25213237RequiredAt least two characters, no special characters except hyphen
Employee StateChar2238239RequiredValid state or territory abbreviation
Employee Postal CodeChar20240259RequiredIf a non-foreign address then only U.S. 5 digit zip code, left justified. If foreign address then left justify
Employee Zip+4Numeric4260263OptionalUS state and territories only
Employee Country CodeChar2264265OptionalFor foreign addresses only. Refer to U.S. Department of Commerce FIPS code manual, National Institute of Standards and Technology, FIPS PUB 10-4 (April 1995)
Employee Date of BirthNumeric8266273OptionalIf present, numeric. Format - MMDDYYYY
Employee Start DateNumeric8274281RequiredFormat - MMDDYYYY
Employee State of HireChar2282283OptionalValid state or territory abbreviation

Employer Information

FieldTypeLengthStart PositionEnd PositionOpt'l/Req'dComments
Employer FEINNumeric9286294RequiredFederal Employer Identification Number (no hyphens)
State EINChar12295306OptionalState Identification Code (if any) left justified, otherwise blank fill
Employer NameChar45307351RequiredAt least two characters, left justify
Employer Address Line 1Char40352391RequiredAt least two characters, left justify
Employer Address Line 2Char40392431OptionalEmployer address line 2
Employer Address Line 3Char40432471OptionalEmployer address line 3
Employer CityChar25472496RequiredAt least two characters, left justify
Employer StateChar2497498RequiredValid state or territory abbreviation
Employer Postal CodeChar20499518RequiredIf a non-foreign address then only U.S. 5 digit zip code, left justified. If foreign address then left justify
Employer Zip+4Char4519522OptionalUS state and territories only
Employer Country CodeChar2523524OptionalFor foreign addresses only
Employer Phone NumberNumeric10525534OptionalEmployer contact ten-digit phone number including area code (no hyphens or parentheses)
Employer Phone ExtensionNumeric6535540OptionalEmployer contact extension (numeric only)
Employer ContactChar20541560OptionalName of contact for employer
Optional Employer Address Line 1Char40561600OptionalAt least two characters, left justify
Optional Employer Address Line 2Char40601640OptionalEmployer address line 2
Optional Employer Address Line 3Char40641680OptionalEmployer address line 3
Optional Employer CityChar25681705OptionalAt least two characters, left justify
Optional Employer StateChar2706707OptionalValid state or territory abbreviation
Optional Employer Postal CodeChar20708727OptionalIf a non-foreign address then only U.S. 5 digit zip code, left justified. If foreign address then left justify
Optional Employer Zip+4Char4728731OptionalUS state and territories only
Optional Employer Country CodeChar2732733OptionalFor foreign addresses only
Employer Optional Phone NumberNumeric10734743OptionalEmployer contact ten-digit phone number including area code (no hyphens or parentheses)
Employer Optional Contact ExtensionNumeric6744749OptionalEmployer contact extension (numeric only)
Employer Optional ContactChar20750769OptionalName of optional employer contact

File Naming Guidelines

When you are ready to save your file, please name the file with the first four characters of your company name, plus the day and month you are creating it. For example:

Acme Incorporated, file created on December 1st - acme1201.txt
Microsoft Corporation, file created February 14th - micr0214.txt

If you are unable to use this naming convention, please name your file as uniquely as possible. Using 4-8 letters that are an acronym of your company name, or actually spelling your company name is acceptable. If you are sending multiple files, please provide a unique name for each file. Multiple files with the same name cannot be processed.

Please do not use "newhire" or any variation of "newhire" for your file name.

How to Send a File to Our Center

After you have created a file that matches our official file submission layout, please contact our center to arrange a "test" read of the data. We can then assist you in determining the most appropriate way to send our Center your file. Listed below are the variety of ways a file can be sent to our Center:

Electronic Transmission Methods

  • Web-Transfer - Register on our web site ( and then sign on to securely transfer a file to us. You will also receive a confirmation of receipt with this method.

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), using your existing Internet connection and a Windows compatible FTP client called FileZilla.  Click here to view instructions.  

Magnetic Media Types Accepted when Sending Files to Our Center

All magnetic media must be clearly labeled with the submitter's name, return address, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and contact name with phone number.

  • CD-ROM - CDs must only contain new hire reporting files and be mailed in a protective envelope to prevent damage during transit. CDs are not returned

Electronic Reporting - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly is the File Submission Layout?

    The "File Submission Layout" is the format in which our office is able to process electronic new hire reports. We are unable to accept files that are not in this format. The file format to be created is a fixed-width ASCII text file.

    Most Human Resources or Payroll systems have the ability to export data in this format. If you are unfamiliar with this format please consult with a designated technical person at your company, or ask the company who supports your Human Resources or Payroll systems.

  2. Does my Payroll or Human Resources software already support your File Submission Layout?

    To verify whether your software includes the option for creating an electronic new hire reporting file in our file layout, please contact the software manufacturer.

    Many leading software companies now offer electronic new hire reporting as an option to their software packages. Our office also works with software developers who wish to add the electronic new hire reporting feature to their products.

    If your software does not currently offer an option to automatically create an electronic new hire report, you may be able to create your own file by exporting the information listed earlier in the “File Submission Layout” into the correct format.

  3. What if I am unable to create a file in this format?

    Our office wants to make electronic new hire reporting as simple as possible for employers. Please contact our center for professional technical assistance and possible alternatives.

  4. I am going to create a query that exports new hire data in the format you require. What other guidelines should I use when building a query to export data in this format?

    As a programmer or other technical staff please ensure your programming includes the following considerations:

    • Both New Hires and Re-Hires are required to be reported. A Re-Hire is anyone who returns to work at your company. The query should include Re-Hires as well as New Hires.

    • Employees who are hired, and then quickly terminated still need to be reported. The query should include ANYONE hired within the prescribed date ranges, regardless of their employment status at the time the file is created.

    • Multistate new hire reports are required to be in electronic format, and also require the field “State of Hire” for each employee. For the purposes of New Hire Reporting, the State of Hire should be the state where the Unemployment Insurance Taxes are paid.

  5. What if I am trying to report new hires for more than one company or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)? The file layout requires company information to be provided for each employee reported. This allows the layout to contain an unlimited number of different companies or FEINs.

  6. My company has more than one FEIN and/or subsidiary, which FEIN do I list each new hire report under?

    New Hires must be reported using the same FEIN as the FEIN under which state quarterly wage reports are filed.

  7. I am building a query that uses ranges of dates to select the new hires and re-hires that will be reported. What should I do to ensure that all new hires and re-hires are reported?

    It is common for new hires and re-hires to begin working with a company before they are actually added to the Payroll or Human Resources computer systems. Because of delays, someone that is hired or re-hired may not get reported if the delay is long enough that the new hire report is created before their information is input into the appropriate systems.

    We recommend to employers who believe this situation is possible in their company to use an “overlapping date range” for their queries. Here is an example of a report that is sent every two weeks:

    Report Creation Date
    (When report is sent)
    Query Begin Date
    (Beg range of Hire Date)
    Query End Date
    (End Range of Hire Date)

    June 1st May 15th June 15th
    June 14th May 1st July 1st
    July 1st June 1st June 30th

  8. What if my company has operations in more than one location?

    Employers with one or more subsidiary, location, or branch can save time and resources by consolidating new hire reporting into one central location. If possible, centralization of new hire reporting at the corporate office is recommended, using the Multistate reporting method if applicable. This method reduces the collective time spent on complying with the new hire reporting requirements and shifts the responsibility from the remote branches to the corporate office where reporting can be ensured.

    New Hire Reporting is required in all 50 states. If your business has employees in more than one state, please consider Multistate electronic reporting. This option allows employers to send all their new hire reports for each state directly to just one state electronically. Registration is required.

    Please click here for more information about Multistate new hire reporting.

This document was created to assist employers, software developers, and other persons with the creation of a file that meets our office file submission layout guidelines for electronic reporting of required new hire information.

For technical support, or for more information on how to send our office a file, please contact us.

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