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Welcome to the Indiana New Hire Reporting Center

Federal and State law requires employers to report newly hired and re-hired employees in Indiana to the Indiana New Hire Reporting Center. This site will provide you with information about reporting new hires including reporting online and other reporting options!

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Income Withholding Law:

Pursuant to IC 31-16-15-10(b)(3) effective July 1, 2005, ALL Indiana child support income withholding checks must be sent to the following address:
Do not send to Clerk of Court.

Indiana State Central Collection Unit
PO Box 6219
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6219

Include this information with the payment:
   - Employee's Name
   - SS#
   - ISETS Case #
   - Cause #

If you do not have the necessary information, or have any other issues concerning child support payments, please call us at 317-232-0327 or 1-800-292-0403 or email us at

For more information about the child support income withholding law, call 1-800-292-0403 or visit the website at

Back to School! Students are returning to school along with teachers and other educational support staff. The IN New Hire office wants to remind all public and private schools, community colleges, technical schools and universities that all newly hired, re-hired and returning employees must be reported within 20 days of the date of hire or return to work. For additional information or assistance, contact us at 317-612-3028.

EMPLOYERS! Section 802 of The Claims Resolution Act of 2010 (CRA) REQUIRES employers to provide the Date of Hire. All employers are required to provide the Date of Hire defined as "the date employee first performed services for pay" to the state New Hire Directory.

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